Feb 22, 2015

It's been a long time since I've done a proper selfportrait, I made this to maybe be part of an expo but it may not happen, still I'm liking how it turned out :3

If you like it you can get your very own print on my S6 shop... or if you really like it I can draw a portrait of you, just go over my Etsy shop and check out the details.

Have a rad day!

3 new illustrations

Feb 14, 2015

It's been crazy busy around here!!!
I have to find I have to make time to blog, I miss it so much.

Among other things, I've been trying to add more prints to my S6 shop and today I was able to add 3, here they are, I hope you like 'em.

Have a rad day!

creativeUNblock project: medicine cabinet

Feb 1, 2015

I didn't have time to create something for January but this is my illustration for The Jealous Curator's February #creativeUNblock project. The prompt was to create something based on what we have in the medicine cabinet or bathroom shelf and this what's in mine.

In case you like it, you can get a print on my s0ciety6 Shop.

Have a rad day!

January Faves

Jan 31, 2015


   ...I can't believe January's almost over!
I have to say that February is my least fave month just because I can't pronounce it :p

Ok so let me share some of the things I absolutely loved during January.

1. SIA. I never EVER like to click on videos that YouTube recommends, specially when it comes to music, and I kept seeing Sia's Chandelier video over and over as a suggestion, but I never clicked on it, until this day I was catching up on Ellen, and I saw her performance. First of all, the little girl's dance was incredible, and then I liked the whole concept of Sia not showing her face, and then her voice, the lyrics... I read her lyrics first and then I watched the videos and heard the rest of her songs. I'm officially a fan, I absolutely adore the concept behind the Elastic Heart video, I also loved Fire Meet.

2. This adorable photo of Roxy's cat Rory

A photo posted by roxy (@grrfeisty) on

3. City Color Creamy Lip Stain in Sweet Sangria. I'm loving this brand at the moment. This is currently my go-to red.


4. Maryam was sick when she took this photo, but I looooove how she looks, messy purple hair, big tea mug, cute glasses... she looks adorable!

5. L.A. Girl Sand Blast nail polish in Sand Storm. This is a lovely textured nude nail polish, it's matte and pretty pretty rad.


6. I love Rebecca's work and I love this little video. It's not just pretty but also very satisfying to watch.

7. City Color -City Chic lipstick in Heartbreaker. Another one from the same brand but I love how long lasting these are. This one is darker than Sweet Sangria and more on the purple side.


8. Wet n Wild megalast in Wet Cement(right) and Disturbia(left). I love wearing these 2 shades together and on their own, Disturbia's a pretty rocker chic color and Wet Cement is just a nice basic to have... love the brush on this nail polish BTW.


9. I really really don't like Ariana Grande but I do love Hozier and this cover's so fun

10. And this interview!!! Dax's one of my fave actors, the way he describes thing's very entertaining.

I'd love to know your faves, please leave a link if you blogged about them :)

Have a rad day!