New Obsessions

These are my new obsessions! 

Finally Sharing 2 Rad Secret Projects

It's been long, I know, but I have good super rad reasons. 

Lately in photos

Here are some pictures of last week end weekend... by the way, that bag up there, is available in my S6 shop.

Dramatic nature

I'm loving all desert plants at the moment and I have new photos of them to share with you.
I'm in a "dramatic light and color" mood, when it comes to photography, so I edited them to look like this, let me know if you' like to see how to get these kind of effect with Photoshop.

Take my reader survey & get 40% a discount

One of my goals for this year is to make this blog the best it could be, and I want to create content that inspires you and helps you learn new things, so I made a Reader Survey.

Celebrating the blog's makeover with macarrons

I spent all Saturday redesigning the new layout, it took longer than it usually takes cause my internet would be off for hours and then back on... you get the idea.