New art / Arte nuevo

Yep, starting today I'll write my posts in both English and Spanish :)

These are new pieces I've done. The first one is a pattern, this time is called and about Summer, with cute cacti and the other one is part of a series I'm doing that will have illustrations showing dark or sad emotions but with cute elements and pastel colors.

New illustration

I finally finished this illustration! 
It's the first in a series of "sad" but colorful pieces. This one is called Nostalgia.

Collages for mom

So I was binge-listening to The Jealous Curator podcast as I was packing, cause I'm moving house, and after a few hours... yes hours, (I listened and re-listen) I was packing photos of my mom (she passed away on 2011) and I had this urge to do a collage. 

You can really feel how much TJC likes collages even if you're not familiar with her blog, just by listening to the podcast. I had been thinking it would be nice to do something with my mom's photos instead of just having them in an album, so I picked up some of my faves, I grabbed a vintage book about interior design and made these 3 collages. 

My mom was a badass journalist with a pretty strong personality, so I think it will be fun to keep experimenting, finding more vintage images and come up with compositions that will show a bit of who she was in a rad way.

You know me, I'm an illustrator and I don't do collages, I used to when I was in graphic design school and I never thought much of it, but this time it's getting me all excited and eager to try and see what happens.

Here are the first 3:

Have a rad day!

all the new art

I've been creating new art like crazy! 
I'm in the middle of moving back to Tijuana (yay! finally!) so that means cleaning and painting the house because a cute little family is going to rent it while I'm living in TJ... but even with all the crazy things that come with moving house I've been inspired and eager to draw. 

2x1 Promo on custom art

I'm having a great 2x1 promo on custom vector portraits!
This offer ends on Aug 15th

How it works: purchase via Etsy or email me for more info ( AT gmail DOT com)  then send me a message with code [IGA2x1]

Why This is the first time I have such discounts, but I'm in the process of moving house/city and honestly I'm $400 short, so... yeah :p

Have a rad day!

New illustration: Purple Dreams

It's been a while since I had time to make a personal illustration, This time I wet for a purple-haired girl with bright blue donuts on the background.

Let me know if you'd like to see the sketches or a video of the process :)

Have a rad day!