OOTD: running errands

Dec 20, 2014

A comfy warm outfit to run some errands, with some essentials like my black converse and big headphones.
We had such a hardcore summer, with days that felt like you were being cooked! so I'm really enjoying that it's finally a cold.
We still get a few days that look very much like summer, but over all I'm happy and I hope it stays like this for a loooong time.

Have a rad day! 

Fave links & stuff

Dec 18, 2014

Land rover tow surfing -Mr Ben Brown's vlog
If you don't wanna watch the whole vlog, just start on 8:55... then you'll wanna watch the whole thing

These are some of the things I'm loving this week.

FvF Explores: Californian Wilderness

Serial follows a true story over the course of a whole season. There's a new chapter each week, and it's VERY interesting.

Laura Marling - Short Movie
Finally a new album!

I love Laura Marling's songs, they way she writes is just amazing.

Marina and the Diamonds -Happy
I'm a huge fan of this girl, I was obsessed with her first album but I have to say I pretty much hated the second one, so I'm really glad the new one, Froot, is sounding pretty rad!

This songs sounds a bit sad but don't you just love her voice?

This week I watched Comet, and I bet you'll love it!
This movie doesn't follow the traditional beginning-middle-end timeline, it's made of these memories or dreams of the characters' relationship. I LOVE how artistic the scenes look, and how real the relationship is. It's not a romantic-everything's perfect-happy ending movie, but it's amazing because of that, it is just real.

Check out the trailer, and let me know if you watch the movie, I'd love to know your thoughts.

Pierre Filliez - Freunde von Freunden
The art of leather mask making

And l'll leave you with this adooorable photo of Rory, Roxy's super cute kitty!

A photo posted by roxy (@grrfeisty) on

Have a rad day!

Dream outfit: holiday party

Dec 17, 2014

I have this outfit for you, if you're looking for inspiration for that holiday party, or for new year's eve.

I'm loving this one for this time of the year, yes it's edgy but it's also warm and festive.

Have a rad day!

when reality is not enough

Dec 15, 2014

Yesterday I walked about an hour taking random photos, and filmed by the sea for a special project. Before that, I watched the movie Comet, and I loved it!
I love the composition of the scenes, the light effects and the 2 suns, so I came up with this over-colorful scene.

It's up on my S6 shop, so you can get a print, phone case or a mug :)

Have you watched that movie?

Have a rad day!