Donut those tears away

A few days ago I was feeling kinda down and instead of having a pity party I turned it into something cute and funny. I came up with this funny illustration and it changed my mood. I hope you find it funny too :p

Here's the full illustration, and it's available on my Society6 shop.

Have a rad day!

Fave things about Autumn (+ a playlist)

Autumn's my favorite season and I really hope this time it brings some cold weather cause it's been a flaming hot summer over here.

I've been dreaming of cold weather, cozy scarfs and spicy drinks, and pretty much eager for Autumn to be here. These are my fave things about this season:

1.  Snuggling up with a great book and thick blankets
2.  Cozy warm scarfs and sweaters
3.  S'mores!
4.  Apple picking
5.  Spicy hot decadent drinks
6.  All things pumpkins
7.  Building forts with lots of blankets, pillows and fairy lights
8.  Long walks just cause the weather's so nice
9.  Picking up beautiful brow leaves
10. Movie marathons
11. Pies! all the apple and pumpkin pies
12. Cinnamon candles
13. The smell of rain
14. Apple cider
15. Dark berry lipsticks
16. Reading a book next to the window while watching the rain
17. Bonfires
18. Comfort food
19. Long baths with spicy holiday bath bombs
20. Knitting long loooong scarfs
21. Roasted pumpkin seeds

What about you? Did I miss your favorite thing?

Everything's better with good music so here's my Autumn playlist, I hope you like it and please share with me your fave songs in the comments :)

Have a rad day!

August Faves / Favoritos de Agosto

Things that I loved in August. 

1. Drawing ink. As I was packing I found this old Staedtler drawing ink I hadn't used in a long time, I grabbed a few brushes and I've been writing and drawing with it. For me it's such a rough medium, I'm using it to practice hand lettering and to do warm up sketches. I also find it's a great medium for me, for those days I feel really stressed and I just need to doodle something to get it out... like art therapy or something. You can click HERE to see a quick warm up portrait I posted on IG.

New art / Arte nuevo

Yep, starting today I'll write my posts in both English and Spanish :)

These are new pieces I've done. The first one is a pattern, this time is called and about Summer, with cute cacti and the other one is part of a series I'm doing that will have illustrations showing dark or sad emotions but with cute elements and pastel colors.

New illustration

I finally finished this illustration! 
It's the first in a series of "sad" but colorful pieces. This one is called Nostalgia.

Collages for mom

So I was binge-listening to The Jealous Curator podcast as I was packing, cause I'm moving house, and after a few hours... yes hours, (I listened and re-listen) I was packing photos of my mom (she passed away on 2011) and I had this urge to do a collage. 

You can really feel how much TJC likes collages even if you're not familiar with her blog, just by listening to the podcast. I had been thinking it would be nice to do something with my mom's photos instead of just having them in an album, so I picked up some of my faves, I grabbed a vintage book about interior design and made these 3 collages. 

My mom was a badass journalist with a pretty strong personality, so I think it will be fun to keep experimenting, finding more vintage images and come up with compositions that will show a bit of who she was in a rad way.

You know me, I'm an illustrator and I don't do collages, I used to when I was in graphic design school and I never thought much of it, but this time it's getting me all excited and eager to try and see what happens.

Here are the first 3:

Have a rad day!