A cute video

Sep 2, 2014

I haven't shared a video of my cat in such a long time, and yesterday she was very playful and making ugly faces (yes her eyes are slightly crossed but she sees just fine), so that made for a cute video!

There you go, a couple of minutes of cuteness :3

Have a rad day!

Inspired by color: all-nighter

Have a rad day!

Panza the cat Adventure 21

Sep 1, 2014

Does your cat ever do that? My Panza's always getting things in the litter box, usually my socks and tees, once I found one of my pillows there...

Have a rad day!

Dream Outfit 1.12

The outfit drawings are back, yay!

 Plaid Lace Up Buttondown -Free People

If you'd like to commission me to draw something or your blog, check out my Etsy shop or email me batzyshop AT gmail Dot com

Have a rad day!