Mar 1, 2015

         I still can't find enough time to blog, so here are a few random snapshots of these past days :3



Feb 22, 2015

It's been a long time since I've done a proper selfportrait, I made this to maybe be part of an expo but it may not happen, still I'm liking how it turned out :3

If you like it you can get your very own print on my S6 shop... or if you really like it I can draw a portrait of you, just go over my Etsy shop and check out the details.

Have a rad day!

3 new illustrations

Feb 14, 2015

It's been crazy busy around here!!!
I have to find I have to make time to blog, I miss it so much.

Among other things, I've been trying to add more prints to my S6 shop and today I was able to add 3, here they are, I hope you like 'em.

Have a rad day!

creativeUNblock project: medicine cabinet

Feb 1, 2015

I didn't have time to create something for January but this is my illustration for The Jealous Curator's February #creativeUNblock project. The prompt was to create something based on what we have in the medicine cabinet or bathroom shelf and this what's in mine.

In case you like it, you can get a print on my s0ciety6 Shop.

Have a rad day!