Dramatic nature

I'm loving all desert plants at the moment and I have new photos of them to share with you.
I'm in a "dramatic light and color" mood, when it comes to photography, so I edited them to look like this, let me know if you' like to see how to get these kind of effect with Photoshop.


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One of my goals for this year is to make this blog the best it could be, and I want to create content that inspires you and helps you learn new things, so I made a Reader Survey.

Celebrating the blog's makeover with macarrons

I spent all Saturday redesigning the new layout, it took longer than it usually takes cause my internet would be off for hours and then back on... you get the idea. 


A very ME art piece. Flower Bed

This is a very important piece for me. 
Most of the work I do is for clients and collaborations with brands, that don't necessarily reflect my vision as an artist. I realized a couple of days ago, that I had not done art  FOR ME in such a long time.

So I came up with this concept, that I'm not sure I wanna share yet, but I will be making and sharing pieces that really reflect me as an artist.

I really hope you like it :)

You can buy a print or tote bags and other things with this image in my S6shop, use THIS link to get free WW shipping.

Have a rad day!

My small collection of phobias (it's not a sad or scary post)

Wow "my small collection of phobias" sounds scary but this post should be light and fun. A phobia is an awful strong fear of something, some people react in extreme ways, some can't control how they react and others can. I can.

My small collection is weird according to people so I thought, hey why not share! 
And I hope you share yours too :)

As I mentioned, I can control how I react, I don't get panic attacks and I don't curl up or cry. I do get a high level of anxiety and I have to look away. I'm pretty sure that if I don't look away I'd faint.

I'm listing these from high to low level of anxiety.
TRYPOPHOBIA. Fear of bumps, odd textures, etc.
I don't know anybody that has this phobia, and whenever people find out about this weird fear of mine, they just don't get it. I know it's irrational and weird, but this phobia is the strongest, it makes my whole body go in this weird shock mode.


April Faves

April was an amazing month, the best so far with a lot of changes and great things.

Fave 1: These are two songs I found and loved in April.