7 things to try this weekend (ideas and resources)

Apr 22, 2015

Some of us have 2 or 3 or more jobs Monday/Friday and we want to have fun and do everything on the weekend, but Saturday comes and we don't always know when to start, what to do... besides sleeping a couple of extra hours. So I have here 7 things to try this weekend, these are things I'm definitely going to try, maybe not all this weekend but you get the idea.

1. Pressing flowers. The weather is so nice these days, so why not going for a walk and find pretty flowers and leaves to press? 
You can then use them as props for your photos (see image above), you can frame them, or use them as reference to create a nice drawing or painting.

2. Try a new coffee flavor or coffee shop. If coffee is not your thing you can always try a new tea or maybe a smoothie!

Snap a few photos, try to capture the light in the place, or maybe do some people watching!

3. Learn something new. If tea is your thing, why not know more about it? Check out these great videos, I found them very helpful and straight to the point.

   a)Ultimate Guide to TEA

   b)How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

   c)Relaxing Honey & Camomile Herbal Tea

4. Rearrange your living room. Moving things around can really make you feel like you bought new things. I love doing this every few months, it's like a very easy restart.

5. Start a collection. How fun does that sound? It doesn't have to be expensive but it can totally be if you want to!
Here are some ideas:
 *leaves in weird shapes
 *labels with a rad design (of clothes, wine, food, etc)
 *mugs or tea cups
 *pens with cute designs
 *coffee cup sleeves 
 *mirrors (big or tiny)
 *stones and crystals
 *board games (new and vintage)

7. Go camping! Kam is the girl to go to when you have questions about camping, she makes it sound SO simple.
I thought these 3 posts might help:
   a)3 Reasons to Go Camping This Weekend
   b)3 Ways to Stay Comfortable While Camping
   c)4 Tips for Camping with Friends

If you can recommend something for us to try please leave a comment, I'd love to know!

Have a rad day!

12 things I'm doing to add more color to my life

Apr 20, 2015

One of the simple goals I set for myself for April, is to add more color to my life. The things I've been doing to accomplish that are pretty simple and fun, and I thought you might like to try them too. So here are 12 things I'm doing to add more color to my life.

1. Buying fresh flowers

2. Adding more fruits to my diet

3. A new desktop background

4. Wearing my fave colors, and trying new ones

5. Doing a just-for-fun collage

6. Baking colorful cupcakes

7. Organizing my closet by color

8. Making flower crowns and taking fun pictures

9. Getting organized with colorful post-its and adding colorful tabs to my planner

10. Spray painting a few objects around the house

11. DIYing accessories

12.  Buying and hanging art prints 

I'd love to know what are the things that bring more color to your life, is it fresh flowers? a new outfit? Let me know!

Have a rad day!

Disney princesses wearing iconic dresses

Apr 10, 2015

I got to work with the Hello Giggles girls on this rad post of the Disney princesses wearing iconic red carpet dresses... it was SO MUCH FUN!

If you haven't check out the 8 princesses on HG, and you can also buy prints of them on my S6 shop 

Let me know if you liked them!

Have a rad day!

Happy Easter (warning! contains cute cat photos)

Apr 5, 2015

Happy eat-all-the-candy-you-can-find day! 

Today will SO be a cheat day, I'll go for all the chocolate that has some kind of mint in it :3 What about you?

Oh! and how cute is my cat looking with those bunny ears?! I used this tutorial Roxy blogged last Friday.

Have a rad day!