May 20, 2010

Why hello!

This`s been a very busy day...I had a school test and I had to get up really early XD

BTW...I want to thank you! new blog and twitter followes and new customers! I really appreaciate your support and I have to customers are very good looking and nice people!! they really are.

So, I received 2 packages today yay!

The lovely Krystyne from sent me these...

...dont know `bout you but I love those labels! THANKS Krystyne I cant wait to receive the chai tea!

I few weeks ago I found a really awesome girl  (Casey) that makes great quality pins!!! she`s lovely and has the best price ever! and belive you me! I spent lots of time roaming around Etsy and ebay trying to find a great shop.
I ordered 100 and I LUV them all, I will buy all my pins from her can see more of her info and customers in her myspace are not that good but once I get them in their packages I will share very pretty photos with you.

I also have great art pieces from deviantArt artists...check them out and show them some love!
Have a lovely day!


  1. those soap labels are great! love that look. they kinda remind me of the homemade lye soap you can buy at Dollywood. true story.

  2. Hiya! Visiting from Freckled Nest.. I love love love She & Him. Your blog is cool :) I also visited your etsy shop. You have cool style y qué chido que hablas español!

  3. Your blog is so eclectic and an eye-full! I am in love :)

  4. Love the soap labels, i'll bet they smell wonderful.

    I just switched over to handmade soaps. Just great for a perfectly squeaky clean feeling!

  5. i spy my mustachasaurus! :D i never saw this post until now!

  6. yes! I luv my mustachasaurus!! its like my new pet XD