I'm not very good at...

List #7 of the 30 days of lists is "I'm not very good at..." and I though it would be fun to blog about that...

So here we I go, I'm not very good at:
initiating a phone call. It freaks me to even think about having to call somebody, I don't even like to call to order food, if I can, I make somebody else make the call.

sleeping, seriously. If you have been following my blog for a few months or more, you already know I don't like to sleep, so I'm not very good at it, I work and have fun until I feel like my body can't take it anymore.
So when it's time to sleep I start to think...what did I do today? I should have done that instead of that...did I closed the front door? oh what is that spot on the wall...the wall, I should do something to that wall...etc

grocery shopping, I have a number of reasons why I'm not very good at it and why I don't like it: people stare at me all the time, moms let their children run like crazy, even if I go with a list it always takes more than an hour...see? not fun.

waiting. If I have to wait for somebody I need to do at least two things, like listen to music and draw, or listen to music and read, otherwise I get frustrated. I don't like to go to the bank because I don't like to wait on lines, you know, waiting there, just standing there, doing nothing...is a waste of time and it bothers me :p

Am I weird or am I weird uh?

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!


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  1. I can relate to all of these except the grocery shopping.. I love grocery shopping! :) But I would rather chop off my arm than make a phone call. That's probably a little dramatic.. ha.