Monday in photos

I went to Tijuana yesterday, and I'm still super tired. It was a very intense day for me, I received important calls, some in English, others in Spanish and changing from one languages to another can be confusing, I end up talking in English when I should be using Spanish...I saw pretty rad people, got new job offers, interviews, a new was REALLY cool and fun and I drank more coffee than usual...

I usually don't like Mondays but this was a super cool one :3
How was yours?

Have a great day!


  1. wow, what a nice monday!

    mine wasn't so good. got stood up by a client, ran all over town, did a really hard workout. it wasn't terrible, but not fun either!

  2. aww, I hope the rest of the week is much much better for you :)

  3. I love Mondays, haha! Our day was pretty awesome. We did a loooong bike ride, than worked in the backyard doing gardening, came in and relaxed with some gaming... Overall, a WONDERFUL day!

    P.S. I wanna see your whole outfit!!!

  4. Angie that sounds like a super fun day!
    I forgot to take photos of my outfit, but I'll do it next time :3