I've been working on this design, for the very first screen printed tees I'll sell on line. 
Hopefully in a few days :3

I've been editing the layout of the main page

I've been drinking a lot of coffee and playing with the kitty

I started the p90x (I know there's a new one, but this is the one I found :p)
cause all these stressful things and not eating properly is making me gain a few pongs so, I started yesterday and WOW even breathing hurts, but in a cool kinda way.
I've also been walking more, today I took a 2 hour walk, and it felt great, I find that walking by myself clears my mind and puts me in a great mood.

I started drinking more water, I really hate it, but I'm trying.

I've been connecting with a lot of lovely people on B-school and readers that have emailed me, it's pretty sweet.

I was super lucky to have a pre-launch glimpse of Vienda Maria's Gypset Releasing Rituals 7 Day Program  and OMG, it's so so good, it's helping me getting over this whole situation. For me it's super hard to "meditate" or get really emotional, but this program is so beautifully done that really supports you along the way. I'm not getting paid for this, I just truly believe in Vienda's work and this ebook rocks.

What about you?


  1. yes! exercise is always a great mood lifter! it's funny that you hate water. i LOVE coffee, but i make sure to drink a lot of water, too. water and coffee is pretty much *all* i drink. but i kinda have to with all the skating. :)
    i am glad you are feeling better! i am on the prowl for a cool TX mug and then my package will be ready! i hope your kitty likes treats. ;-)

    1. aww you're so sweet! and yes exercise is making me feel SO much better, is not as hard as drinking water...haha.

  2. At first glance I thought that just said "I've been drinking a lot and playing with the cat"